Sports Club
Women’s Football Club
Sportstoto Football Club
·Team name
Women’s Football Club
Based in Sejong, South Korea
Established in March 16, 2011
12, Sejong-daero 12-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
An exciting team for both players and fans!
A team based on fair and equal sportsmanship!
A team dreaming of happy and promising future!
A promise to the fans of Sportstoto Women’s Football Club
·We will thrive together with our fans under the motto of “Creating a healthy, bright team with fun and cheerful players.”
·We will return the favors through fair sportsmanship and great efforts.
·We will strive to play fair and square instead of appearing showy.
·We will become a future-oriented team aiming for a brighter future.
Emblem/Logo of Sportstoto Women’s Football Club
·The basic pattern of emblem represents “arrow,” which is the spirit of Sportstoto and demonstrates players’ strong willpower along with dream and hope.
·By placing “Sportstoto,” which is based on English BI typeface, at the center, the team’s identity was strengthened, and activeness and dynamics were highlighted by using a polygonal line for the outline.
·The vision and desire of the club was expressed through “ball” and “star.”
·The soccer team’s willingness was expressed through gold color, which is a symbol of victory, and the visual contrast was maximized through the harmony with blue color.
·Sportstoto Women’s Football Club’s Uniform
12, Sejong-daero 12, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea(Namdaemun-ro 4ga, Haenam 2 building)