Responsible Gaming
Responsible Gaming Code
Sportstoto has an established Code of Conduct on Responsible Gaming to govern our daily operations. Retailer shops also follow Sportstoto's Responsible Gaming Conduct by signing their Retailer Agreement to sell our products in a socially responsible way.
This Code was developed in a way that integrates the RG principles into the whole process of delivering our games to customers. At the most basic level, we provide information on gaming therapy on the website that can be easily accessed by customers. In addition, we try to share as much information as possible through various channels so that customers can make informed choices. At the same time, we will continue to keep a close watch on the level of problem gambling or responsible gaming among players by rigorously analyzing survey results conducted by reliable research firms.
Sportstoto takes a flexible approach in the application of this Code. Based on survey results, it may be changed in terms of scope, methods for approach and meaning. At the moment, Korean society is only beginning to realize the social implications of problem gambling. We believe continued research and survey will go a long way toward helping to prevent gambling addiction. There is an ongoing monitoring of this Code's effectiveness at Sportstoto. We are also in the process of developing guidelines on employee training, advertising and promotion as part of effort to provide responsible service.
We hope that this Code will help to remind all stakeholders of our basic goal of problem gambling prevention and renew their commitment to responsible gaming.
1. Commitment to Employees
  • Encourage all employees to contribute to Sportstoto business according to their strong-points, specialty, and majors
  • The Employee Training Division provides RG information via diverse communication channels
  • Mandate sales resources to regularly attend RG training to enable customers and retailers to participate in the betting business with appropriate understanding on responsible gaming prac- tices
  • Include in the curriculum a compliance with betting amounts, sales prohibition for minors, treat -ment supports for potential addicts, and self-diagnosis on gambling addiction
2. Commitment to Retailers
  • With a contract concluded, retailers sign on a pledge to comply with regulations, separable from the main contract
  • The owner of retailers make a pledge to be committed to the RG initiatives with Sportstoto.
  • Sportstoto provides various services and incentives to create a sales environment for promoting responsible gaming practices
  • Regular training programs for retailers to raise the awareness of RG initiatives.
  • Appropriately award outstanding retailers in terms of RG strategy implementation.
3. Commitment to Customers
  • Provide information on responsible gaming to allow players to make informed decisions before their participation in game events (current odds, program schedule, how-to-play, notice of the age limit, various RG promotion materials)
  • Distribute diverse PR materials to balance general views on gambling addiction, responsible gaming practices, and Sportstoto products
  • Disseminate information via the media approved under relevant laws(cable ads, newspapers, LED of retailers, video texts, posters, PR materials, and guide books) to customers
  • Plan and implement a customer participation-oriented RG initiatives and corresponding market- ing strategies to raise RG awareness and participation
  • Research and develop services like a self-diagnosis for gambling-indulged players and self- exclusion
  • High- light RG with RG messages across the Website
4. Commitment to Preventing Problem Gambling
  • Directly and indirectly participate in diverse activities for gambling addiction treatment with highlevel government organizations such as MCST, KSPO, and NGCC
  • Provide sufficient information on Treatment Center for Problem Gambling, external seminars, and training while raising funds for those events
  • Notify addiction risks and Helpline numbers at the retailers
  • Strongly support for players with gambling problems by administering them to an addiction treat- ment center in a local community to get help from professional counselors.
5. Commitment to Marketing & Advertising Responsibly
  • Enhance Sportstoto image as socially responsible by complying with 'Advertising Code of Ethics'
  • Implement consistent campaigns with the message for responsible gaming practices
  • Prohibit inappropriate incentives to trigger an excessive game participation
  • Prohibit a direct advertising targeting minors and vulnerable groups with gambling problems
  • Notify accurate information including a product specification and probability in order not to mislead players
6. Commitment to the Community
  • Encourage the diverse stakeholders of Toto business to participate in RG and initiatives and programs
  • Create a communication window to gather stakeholders' opinions on the direction for RG initiatives
  • Open participation opportunities, as stakeholders, to all diverse groups including Sportstoto employees, government organizations, community leaders, academic representatives, and civil society
  • Sponsor different academic seminars and research activities of government organizations, civic society, and academics on responsible gaming and gambling addiction
  • Publish and distribute annual performance reports to inform stakeholders of RG and CSR activities of Sportstoto
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