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Wheelchair Tennis Team
Wheelchair Tennis Team
·Team name
Wheelchair Tennis Team
Based in Kyeong Ki, South Korea
Established in September 15, 2011
52, Chungmin-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (5405)
Sports Toto Wheelchair Tennis Club is at the forefront of realizing the hopes of physically-challenged players and facilitating sports activities for the disabled.
To play wheelchair tennis, both physical strength and strong mental power are needed as players have to swing rackets while riding on wheelchairs, requiring much more attention and support than any other sports.
Sports Toto Wheelchair Tennis Club is taking a step toward facilitating sports for the disabled and realizing each player’s dream.
The club will strive to show the best possible match through enormous efforts and passion.
Emblem/Logo of Sports Toto Wheelchair Tennis Club
· The team’s identity was expressed through wheelchair tennis players and the team’s activeness and dynamics were highlighted.
· Green was used as the main color representing tennis in harmony with gold, which is the symbol of victory.
12, Sejong-daero 12, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea(Namdaemun-ro 4ga, Haenam 2 building)