Sports Club
Ice-skating Club
Ice-skating Club
·Team name
Ice-skating Club
Based in Incheon
Established in Jan. 12, 2016
52, Chungmin-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (5405)
The best skating club in Korea
Sportstoto skating club!
Sportstoto Skating Club is a professional team consists of speed and short track.
The club was established for the purpose of facilitating non-popular sports while finding and nurturing young players with potential.
The best skating club in Korea
Emblem/Logo of Sportstoto Skating Club
· It is an emblem created out of the initials from Sportstoto Skating Club (SSC).
· The star with six points represents ice, the symbol of ice sports. S from SSC means skating and each character reminds of skate edges.
· Something hanging around the character C implies the gold medal and the circle with the white background color means ice rink and ice. The orange-colored S signifies passion, the dark blue-colored S means level-headed rationality, and the purple-colored C means righteousness.
· The English typeface was designed acutely and speedily to accentuate the speediness and edginess of ice skating. Images without a rounded circle can be used depending on the situation.
12, Sejong-daero 12, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea(Namdaemun-ro 4ga, Haenam 2 building)