Responsible Gaming
Play sports
Play responsibly
1. Informed Choice
Sports Toto develop and distribute varies Responsible Gaming MD targeting players to deliver relevant information and facts that is lead to prevent from excessive and irresponsible play
  • 'Play sports, Play Toto, Play responsibly!' message is prominently displayed on all printed and electronic materials
  • 'Yon can buy only up to 100,000KRW per program' and 'Minors under 20 years are not allowed to participate our games and take prize' messages are always printed along with Responsible Gaming Message
  • Game Rules
  • Brochures on all our products, including how to play, price, odds and prize tables
  • Odds Information and Responsible Gaming Messages on LED and Video Text on TV screen in retail outlets
  • Sports Betting Fixtures, Odds, and expert's analysis on TOTO GUIDE(Sports Toto newspaper) and daily newspaper
  • Warning message for illegal gambling
  • Pop up for online Self-Exclusion and Self-Assessment program on
  • Annual publication for game guidance
2. Game Design
Sports Toto is committed to offering a varied product line-up so that players can enjoy entertaining games of chance at affordable prices. To this end, Sports Toto's Product Development Team tries to engage players and retailers in product development in an effort to capture player needs and take a comprehensive approach to product development. Sports Toto's primary goal is to develop products in a stable and flexible manner under the respon- sibility model to raise player loyalty and ensure long-term satisfaction.
  • Product line-up with various probabilities
  • A. Pari-mutuel Game : High-chance(3 pools), mid-chance(5 specials) and low-chance(6 matche games)
  • B. Fixed Odds Game : Long list and winner list
  • Encourage payers to play with small amounts and increase the player base by offering products that are easy to play
  • Reflect player opinions by conducting customer satisfaction surveys and running the Product Development Task force
  • Prevent excessive betting by cutting extremely high prize money for 1st place
  • Issue tickets for unpopular sports to achieve balance development between sports categories
  • Develop player-friendly products by giving players a channel to make suggestions for product development
3. Staff and Retailer Training
In an effort to integrate the RG principle into its whole operations, Sports Toto provides training to employees. The training aims to help staff to accur- ately understand the concept of the RG, spread the awareness among various stakeholders and apply the principle in their day-to-day operations.
The training for all employees is given by professional lecturers specializing in RG and ethical management. For sales staff who has to handle customers and retailers, additional training is undertaken to enhance their sales skills and instill respect for customers.
4. Stakeholder Engagement
Sports Toto is encouraging the diverse stakeholder of our business to participate in programs designed to implement responsible betting practices.
Responsible Gaming Stakeholders of Sports Toto
  • The employees of Sports Toto, KSPO officials, and governmental organizations (the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, and National Gambling Control Commission)
  • Treatment Center for Problem Gambling, representatives of local communities, academics, civic society, and media
  • Sports Toto customers and general public
The diverse education programs provided by Sports Toto are designed to encourage the stakeholder as above to present and share opinions regarding the responsible betting practices. On top of that, Sports Toto always open a communication window to the voice of leaders from all folks of the society through Responsible Gaming Committee and Advisory Committee and reflect their opinions in policy-making. Particularly, Sports Toto is contributing to the healthy growth of the gaming industry with the policy for the responsible betting business complying with NGCC regulations.
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