Sportstoto Community Service Corps.

People who achieve unity by sharing their passion Sportstoto’s  volunteer Organization

In order to attain our goal to build a healthier and mightier nation, all of our staff has been devoting our time and efforts to give back to society. Sportstoto’s volunteer organization acts on our promises continuously through both regular and special volunteer activities. We have learned that the happiness found in sharing our hearts with others reaps greater returns in the future. Since 2004, Sportstoto has been engaged in a variety of volunteer activities. All employees are working in earnest towards our goal to build a healthier and mightier nation.

The happiness of sharing our lives with one another

Sportstoto’s volunteer organization, founded in April of 2007, consists of 99 percent of all of our employees. Through our Matching Grant policy, the contribution of our employees is matched by the company s donation. These donations are used to support various volunteer activities.

Regular Volunteer Activities

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