The revenue generated by the services of the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation goes toward the development of Korean sports.In parallel, Sportstotos revenue was allocated to help construct the 2002 World Cup stadium, to support various sports associations, t
o contribute to the KSPO, and to assist sports-related businesses. In order to build the World Cup stadium in 2002, the KSPO contributed 210.3 billion won of its funds. Since then, Sportstoto has replaced this amount with our own revenue. The sports associatio
ns supported by Sportstoto, in turn, use a part of their funds for the development of domestic sports, including the growth of youth sports and the advancement of professio
nal players.
In accordance with the Korea Sports Promotion Act, Sportstoto allocates our revenue to support various sports assocaitions(10percent), to contribute to the KSPO(78percent), to assist sports-related business(7percent) and to maintain provincial sports facilities(5percent)


Contribution to the Korea Sports Promotion
Foundation 78%

Contribution to Related Sports Associations 10%

Contribution to Businesses Identified by the Ministry of
Sports, Culture, and Tourism 7%

Maintenance of provincial sports facilities 5%

The above ratios may vary according to future legislative acts


Details of Revenue Allocation

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A Large Fountain for Financing Korean Sports

80 percent of Sportstoto s revenue goes toward the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation and is therefore used to provide opportunities for our citizens to participate in sports activities. We support the building of playgrounds where children can run free, the recruitment of renowned sports coaches, and the development of new recreational facilities. Additionally, we hope to raise competent athletes so that we may maintain the reputation as a respectable sports nation. We are also working towards creating a culture where the physically handicapped do not face discrimination. Lastly, we help to support retired athletes so that they too may promote their sport, to raise sports related businesses, and to promote communication with other nations so that Korea may continue to grow as a sports nation.

A Large Fountain for Financing Korean Sports

Sports Association

Sportstoto gives 10 percent of our income to sports associations. Each association uses this contribution to scout new talented youth, to sponsor sports events for adolescents and amateurs, and to develop educational programs. 60 percent of these funds are allocated towards cultivating youth sports. In other words, the revenue generated by Sportstoto is utilized to support the future of our nations sports.

  • -   Korea Football Association:Promoting a youth soccer league
  • -   Korean Basketball Association:Promoting youth and amateur league and tournaments
  • -   Korean Womens Basketball Association:Promoting youth and amateur league and tournaments
  • -   Korea Baseball Organization:Promoting youth and amateur league and tournaments
  • -   Korea Professional Golf Association:Training professionals
  • -   Korea Womens Professional Golf Association:Developing education programs and training amateur players
  • -   Korean Volleyball Association:Supporting youth leagues and tournaments, and training instructors
Allocation of funds by the Host Organization

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